10 Amazing facts you will know for the first time about dogs


Did you know that the basenji is a dog that does not bark and instead emits a sound like a Tyrolean chant? And it is not for lack of vocal cords!

That dogs not only see in black and white, as has been said all their lives but are color blind and confuse red and green?

That there was a greyhound in France named Guinefort who after his death obtained the status of martyr saint protector of children for saving a knight’s infant from being bitten by a viper?

And that a canine named Bluey lived 29 years and five months? Genuinely unique, but that’s not all, folks…

Below you will find 10 more amazing facts about Dogs.

1.Basenji, the dog that doesn’t bark:

Basenji the dog that doesnt bark

This dog does not bark and lacks vocal cords but because its larynx has a different position than that of other dogs. Its vocal cords are also narrower, flatter, and shallower than those of other dogs. The basenji emits a kind of Tyrolean singing and sounds similar to chuckling.

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