Big Dogs Huge Paws – Amazing 10 Dog Breeds with Large Paws


Enjoy big dogs, huge paws, and the need of taking care of them? We’ve listed 10 dog breeds with the upmost class, reputation, and unique characteristics that’ll melt your heart. Let’s take a walk and examine each big dogs, breeds, and all they have to offer!

Top 10 Dogs with Large Paws

1- Great Dane

Great Dane
Great Dane

Starting off the large dog list are Great Danes. Most dog owners know that the Great Dane is one of the biggest dog breed in the world!

Their paws range between 5.5cm to 14cm in length. Adding on with their great paw size, an average size for a male adult Great Dane range between 35.5 inches to 43 inches. That’s roughly 3.58 feet of dog you’re caring for!

Though their sizes are huge, they’re amazing and loving breeds. Great Danes are gentle, affectionate, and highly social with people and other animals.

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